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Data and Reporting

Most frequent questions and answers

Onboarding with TRC is really easy. All we need from you is:

  • Your Merchant IDs/MIDs in order to track and verify card-linked transactions, we can obtain this ourselves in most cases by performing a test transaction for online Merchant IDs.
  • Company’s registered address. Please inform us if this ever changes
  • Any marketing imagery you’d like the Reward Programmes to use, however we can source these for you (logo, small banner & a large banner)
  • Short (2-4 lines) & Long (4-6 lines) description of the brand 
  • Contacts for general and billing. Preferably this will be a direct employee of the company (not an affiliate). Please inform us if this changes.

A merchant ID is a unique identification number attached to a business that tells the payment processing systems involved in a transaction where to send which funds. It is an identifier used to facilitate credit/debit card payments. This is non-sensitive information and should be readily available from your payment provider.

 You can find your Merchant ID:

  • By speaking to your payment processor or acquirer – it may be located on your invoice, bank statement or your merchant portal
  • There may be a sticker affixed on the side of your POS/terminal that may include the MID
  • It may be printed on a merchant copy receipt from your POS terminal 
  • It may be referenced on your bank statement for deposits from your card facility 
  • By speaking to your finance/procurement team 

If you use multiple banks, you may have a different MID for each provider.

We can perform a test transaction to obtain your merchant ID or get assistance from the Reward Programmes to locate it for you. If we obtain any Merchant IDs from our Reward Programme partners we will always notify you for confirmation to use these.

It’s important that you let us know of any changes to your merchant ID as we use this to track sales. If you fail to notify us of any changes to your Merchant IDs then you will still be liable to pay for sales tracked on any expired or invalid Merchant IDs.

We currently need an address in one of the following countries in order to set the offer live, please note, we cannot use a PO BOX address as a valid address.

  • Canada
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

We send over everything we receive from the Reward Partners. Please note that data availability may vary depending on what we receive. Some publishers provide the date/amount spent/last 4* of the customers bank card and an auth code, however, some may only include the date and amount spent.

Some of our publishers can provide performance and analytics to show things like growth in market share, customer retention, customer spend/increased spend/frequency/new and existing customers. If you’re interested in receiving this, please get in touch with your account manager. Not all publishers provide the same data. If you would like more information on which reward programmes provide which data then please get in touch with your Account Manager.

Please note that all transaction data is pre-verified and validated by our Reward Partners in collaboration with Visa, Mastercard, American Express as well as other major card issuers. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing offers, these transactions do not require validation from the Retailer.

The transactions are typically recorded from beginning to month end, with the exception of Cardlytics US who record transactions from the 9th – 9th of the month. Invoices will be sent alongside the transactional data around the middle of the month. Please note that this may vary depending on the Reward Programme’s scheduling and billing runs.

Sometimes we receive the data from the Reward Programmes at different times therefore you may receive 2 invoices and 2 transaction reports.

We do not provide or have access to Order IDs or Transaction IDs. We send over all the data that we receive directly from our Reward Programmes. These are all qualified, end of sale transactions.

We do not have any insight on traffic/clicks as we are not an affiliate. All transactions are picked up purely via card linking and tracked via your Merchant ID.

We are currently still working on a dashboard which will allow you to view performance metrics such as ROAS, average customer spend, market share gain, total sales and which Reward Programmes you are currently live with.

Yes, the majority of our publishers will track customer refunds so that you will not pay for cashback awarded on refunded transactions. Please note that our partner, Cardlytics do not track refunded sales, so if your brand is live on a Cardlytics campaign you may be liable to pay for cashback on refunded transactions from these customers.

Customer Journey

Most frequent questions and answers

The customer has to opt into the Reward Programmes using their registered bank card details. Once they have done this, they are eligible for the available cashback offers shown within the Reward Programmes app.

Yes, on the rare occasion a customer is registered to 2+ Reward Programmes using the same card details, they can receive the cashback offer multiple times. However, this very rarely occurs and accounts for just 1 in every 10,000 transactions.

Yes, customers are able to use coupon/promo codes and receive the cashback offer as well.

Customers can redeem the offer as many times as they shop. Some of the Reward Programmes have limitations as to how much a customer can earn in cashback to prevent customers placing fraudulent orders, this may be in the form of a cashback cap or limited number of uses. Other Reward Programmes do not have a limit, meaning the customer will receive a percentage of their entire order, regardless of the amount they have spent.

Offers & Restrictions

Most frequent questions and answers

Customers can redeem the cashback offer on all items site wide.

We are unable to advertise specific products or run SKU-level campaigns.

You are welcome to change your cashback offer at any time, E.G. should you want to change the amount for a specific/seasonal time of year. The total cashback awarded must be a minimum of 5%. Please allow up to 30-days for this change to take place.

No, you can run 2 separate offers for online/in store.

No, we are unable to ‘pause’ offers temporarily and require 30 days written notice to end a cashback offer. If you are live with Cardlytics, we may require up to 90 days’ notice to end a campaign with Cardlytics as they are unable to remove brands in the middle of a campaign.

Please be aware your contract with us is with The Reward Collection directly and not with your affiliate platform. If you wish to terminate at the end of your minimum 6 month term, you will have to notify us directly in accordance with the agreed Terms and Conditions.

Reward Programmes

Most frequent questions and answers

This may vary depending on the Reward Programme, but typically your offer will be live within 3-4 weeks.

Yes, it’s entirely up to you which Reward Partners you go live with. You can select these on your TRC onboarding form. If there are any reward partners you do not wish to be promoted on, please contact your Account Manager.

Some of the Reward Partners offer further advertisement opportunities but may require a higher commission. This may include hero banners, push notifications and email campaigns. Please get in touch with your Account Manager if this is of interest.

Billing & Payments

Most frequent questions and answers

This will vary depending on which affiliate platform you are using. With some affiliate platforms, we are able to upload your monthly transactions into your affiliate account for you. Other platforms will require you to upload the transaction data monthly once you have received it from TRC. You can pay your monthly bill directly into your affiliate account for TRC to then withdraw.

We always recommend billing directly to TRC as paying through an affiliate account may incur extra costs to your business.

Please note that the payment terms with TRC differ from the standard affiliate payment terms and are outlined in your TRC contract.

In the case of late or non-payment, TRC reserves the right to retract the ability to pay via affiliate platforms and may revert to direct billing.

All payments must be paid up to 14 days from the date of invoice. Please note that if an invoice is not paid within the payment terms agreed, we will issue a late payment fee of 2% interest of the outstanding invoice per month.

Yes, available affiliate platforms we use to process payments include:

  • AWIN – ID No. 1012183
  • Partnerize – ID No. 1101|251559
  • Impact – ID No. 3222719
  • Commission Junction – ID No. 6145124
  • Webgains – ID No. 1593215

We highly recommend billing directly through TRC either through Direct Debit or Direct Invoice as billing through an affiliate can cause limitations to how much data you receive and incur additional commission charges. To find out more about this, please contact your Account Manager.

All transactions are pre-verified and validated by our tracking partners, Visa/Mastercard and AMEX as well as other major card issuers. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing offers, these transactions do not require validation from the Retailer.

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